Italian Hard Boiled

Walk of fame.

That house was too close to the shore
too many grains of humanity
there to remind me
I’m one of them.
Cannot stay too close.


Heart is the most important part
of a human being.
I didn’t knock my father down
He was too taught
me too catholic.
So I had to start with something
and heroin was too fashion
and coke is not good for heart
and heart is the most important thing
being a man.

Your ass.

Oh honey, your ass!
Your ass, Holy Shit: your was the ass!
Botticelli’s first fantasy
was me humpting-bumping
in Reinassance your…oh fuck!
Jesus Christ, not so fast!
your ass!


I’m afraid I’m selling everything
trying to see the reef
on the West line
sleeping in a car
eating coffee
waiting Chicanoes pizza dealers
I’m not user but i might abuse you
on a bench close to the higher
bridge those Chineses built
and finnally buy myself a leaf of sand
to die in a land of mine
finally melt like sand in the sand.


About davidnapolitano the other side of the morning.
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